There is a great change coming

We no longer live in the information era.
We are moving into the era of sharing knowledge and wisdom.

ccFOUND will become the most popular education portal in the world.
It brings people together and allows them to exchange information, knowledge and wisdom.

Invest in the first worldwide wisdom marketplace

We are launching ccFOUND for knowledge seekers and providers.
ccFOUND CEO, Piotr Michalak, will keep you in the loop on the details during our upcoming webinars for investors. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be among our founders:
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The Past was about

The Present is about

The Future is about

Experts say that the information age is over. Everyone has access to it. We now live in the era of knowledge. And we are moving into the wisdom era.

How does knowledge differ from wisdom and information? Knowledge is equal to skills and competences. Wisdom is knowing what you do, why you do it and where you are heading. This is what gives you a competitive advantage.

The Problem of Information Chaos

In order to assess or understand an investment or a disease, you need to do hours of research by opening dozens of tabs in your browser.

You can always ask on social media sites. But they are governed by attention-grabbing algorithms, full of hate and clickbait content.

The effect? We live in a chaos of information overload. The Internet has led us to shallow and hasty processing; the ability to remember and concentrate is fading away.

Let’s organize the Internet again.
Let’s pave the way for sharing knowledge and wisdom online.

The problem of information chaos

Google was not created to help you search for wisdom

The company that creates the new Wisdom Search Tool will win on the market!

But it will actually be a second layer solution over the search engines we know today.
Google can’t advise you. Other people do. It is people who create content for other people.
Google connects you to computers. ccFOUND connects you to real people.

Problem inforgraphic
Solutions infographic

Business model

ccFOUND will become the most popular education portal in the world.

ccFOUND uberizes knowledge and wisdom searches by polling the network - not of computers, but of other people’s minds.

It allows paid questions to be asked; inserting paywalls in published responses, news and analyses; publishing paid e-books, online courses, webinars, and reports; organizing events, trainings and conferences; collecting patrons and donors with access to closed groups and communities.

Business model Business model

Global access

ccFOUND will translate all questions and answers into every other language - back and forth. Thus, it will become a place for worldwide wisdom sharing, allowing people in Japan to answer questions from Brazil, or people in Germany to read what Koreans have to share. The community will ensure translation quality through planned DAO mechanisms, rewarding members who correct translations with Knowledge Currency and reputation points.

That way ccFOUND will be visible in all the search engines around the world.

Global access Global access

The first DAO knowledge platform

ccFOUND will gradually decentralize and give the power back to the people.

It’s also the first online space allowing creators to both build their community and monetize traffic in the same place!

About the project


Q3, Q4

Cryptography Research LTD created initial DAO specification and invested in MVP


Private coin sale


New design, public beta version


Full monetization of the portal, gradual decentralization, stimulation of the community to shape the organizational culture of the DAO

Q1, Q2, Q3

Alpha version, UI/UX tests, ICO development, legal consultations, new MVP design


Public ICO in the model of 40 weeks of daily auctions, 1,25% FOUND Coins per week


Implementation and testing of the monetization and DAO voting mechanisms

Coin distribution

64.5% Coins for sale

  • 14.5% for private sale
  • 50% for public sale

35.5% Coins not for sale

  • 15.5% retained by the issuer
  • 20% is intended to buy the project from initial sponsor
How ccfound works



Airdrop or - as we call it - Giveaway means that FOUND Coin holders will be rewarded with additional free Coins taken from the pool of 50% of the FOUND Coins unsold during the ccFOUND Crowdfunding 3.0. The Giveaway will be distributed proportionally to the amount of FOUND Coins purchased previously and held by the FOUND Coin holder.

The Know Your Customer or Know Your Client (KYC) guidelines in financial services requires that professionals make an effort to verify the identity, suitability, and risks involved with maintaining a business relationship. The procedures fit within the broader scope of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policy. KYC processes are also used by companies of all sizes for the purpose of ensuring their proposed customers, agents, consultants, or distributors are anti-bribery compliant, and are actually who they claim to be.

Each User creating the User Account shall undergo a verification according to the regulations on counteracting money laundering and terrorist financing as specified on the Platform, which include personal identification, verification, if the natural person is included in sanctions, PEP and Adverse Media lists. Personal identification including photographing individuals face and identity document of a particular User is performed by Ondato.


15% - design - usability tests, UX/UI, improving the appearance, designing DAO processes, creating specifications and requirements for IT;
25% - IT - Platform development, employing programmers, code tests and audits, server maintenance;
10% - legal, administrative and accounting costs;
10% - editorial staff - creating an editorial department, employing journalists, editors and presenters, building a video recording studio, creating content;
20% - marketing and PR, creating promotional materials, advertising and media;
20% - reserve capital for unforeseen expenses and a safety buffer;

The first option to monetize the content will be available with the launch of the ccFOUND Crowdfunding 3.0. The implementation of further content monetization mechanisms and enabling the most popular authors to publish information products is planned for Q1 2022.

Yes, once the Tokend is paid out by the ccFOUND portal, it will be possible to exchange FOUND Coins for another currency on a separate exchange outside the portal. It will be possible after listing on the exchange after the end of the Crowdfunding 3.0. However, keep in mind that the number of FOUND Coins you hold has an impact on the amount of the Tokend paid out.

The purchaser takes part in the auction. Finally, the FOUND Coins are counted by who receives how much. After the FOUND Coins have been counted by the system in the form of a digital record, they will immediately appear on the customer's account on the ccFOUND platform, after the end of the auction. However, in order for the client to "physically" receive his FOUND Coins that are on the blockchain, he must make a "claim" on his account.


An abbreviation for Decentralized Autonomous Organization operating on the basis of the Ethereum protocol (or other, similar) in blockchain technology. The target form of the Platform.

You can change the access password at any time after logging in to by clicking on the username in the upper right corner, then Settings. In the first section you can change your access password.


To participate in Crowdfunding 3.0 you must visit and create an account. Each User creating the User Account shall undergo a verification according to the regulations on counteracting money laundering and terrorist financing as specified on the Platform, which include personal identification, verification, if the natural person is included in sanctions, PEP and Adverse Media lists. Personal identification including photographing individuals face and identity document of a particular User is performed by Ondato.

After successful KYC verification, you can proceed to participate in the auction (SEE INSTRUCTIONS)

No. FOUND Coins do not constitute a form of securities, money market instruments or derivatives within the meaning of Article 3 of the Act on Trading in Financial Instruments. FOUND Coins should be qualified as a form of an identity card within the meaning of Article 921 [15] of the Civil Code, or \"hybrid coins '' within the meaning of the position of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority on issuing and trading in crypto assets of 10 December 2020. According to the interpretation obtained by ccFOUND issued by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority pursuant to Article 11b (1) of the Act on Supervision over the Financial Market, the Authority stated that the activity of ccFOUND in the field of issuing FOUND Coins is not subject to the supervision of the above-mentioned act.

Meet the team

Management Board

photo of Piotr Michalak
CEO & Founder

Piotr Michalak

photo of Daniel Jankowski

Daniel Jankowski

photo of Karol Kiełtyka
Product Owner

Karol Kiełtyka

photo of Wiktoria Jaros
COO Chief Operating Officer

Wiktoria Jaros

photo of Grzegorz Bierzyński
CTO Chief Technology Officer

Grzegorz Bierzyński

photo of Rafał Plewiński
CMO Chief Marketing Officer

Rafał Plewiński

Marketing & Communication

photo of Aleksander Grudziński
Digital Marketing Manager

Aleksander Grudziński

photo of Karolina Szapiro
PR Manager

Karolina Szapiro

photo of Michał Traczyk
Social Media Manager

Michał Traczyk

photo of Weronika Kuptel
PR Executive

Weronika Kuptel

photo of Kacper Hoffmann
Social Media Executive

Kacper Hoffmann

photo of Joanna Rybak
Graphic Designer

Joanna Rybak

photo of Joanna Rybak
Community Manager

Quoc-Thong Nguyen-Do


photo of Paweł Chojecki
Legal Counsel

Paweł Chojecki

photo of Maciej Grzegorczyk

Maciej Grzegorczyk

photo of Dawid Jacoszek

Dawid Jacoszek

IT & Product Development

photo of Michał Chaszczewski
UX & UI Designer

Michał Chaszczewski

photo of Paweł Jarzyniak
Full-Stack Developer

Paweł Jarzyniak

photo of Zachariasz Karpowicz
Full-Stack Developer

Zachariasz Karpowicz

photo of Michał Strzelecki
Frontend Developer

Michał Strzelecki

photo of Mariusz Franciszczak
Backend Developer

Mariusz Franciszczak

photo of Tomasz Kędziora
Backend Developer & Tester

Tomasz Kędziora

photo of Kacper Gumieniuk
Frontend Developer

Kacper Gumieniuk


photo of Beata Jakimiak
HR & Admistration Specialist

Beata Jakimiak

photo of Agnieszka Kosmala
Financial Controller

Agnieszka Kosmala

photo of Grzegorz Zieliński
Customer Service Specialist

Grzegorz Zieliński


photo of Tomasz Braun
Business Development & Investor Relations

Tomasz Braun

photo of Paweł Sobków
Business Development & Investor Relations

Paweł Sobków

photo of Erika Oley-Trojanowska
Business Development & Investor Relations

Erika Oley-Trojanowska

photo of Phil Konieczny
Cryptocurrency, ICO

Phil Konieczny

photo of Artur Holzwert
Cryptocurrency, ICO

Artur Holzwert

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