1. The Service Provider, as part of the User's activity on the Platform, identifies and verifies him, due to, among other things, international regulations on counteracting money laundering and terrorist financing. The verification levels and the documents required for this have been specified by the Issuer directly on the Platform.
  2. Each User creating the User Account shall undergo a verification according to the regulations on counteracting money laundering and terrorist financing as specified on the Platform, which include personal identification, verification, if the natural person is included in sanctions, PEP and Adverse Media lists. Personal identification including photographing individuals face and identity document of a particular User is performed by Ondato.
  3. As required by law, the Service Provider may re-verify Users in accordance with an internally developed financial security procedure, consistent with KYC/AML.
  4. If the User makes a transaction exceeding the amount of EUR 15,000.00 (in words: fifteen thousand EUR 00/100), it is necessary to perform additional verification. Additional verification may consist in the necessity to submit other documents, including, for example, confirmation or confirmations regarding the source of funds, or taking a photo with a held document from the basic verification made by the User, a sheet of paper with handwritten text, or a form of the User's photo with a location indicated by the Service Provider, near the address indicated on the address confirmation or video contact between the Issuer and the User.
  5. Details of the data and documents needed to be provided by the User in terms of its verification are specified directly on the Platform, in the User Account.